New retA treatment by REVIDERM


A completely new facial treatment intended for mature skin with visible signs of aging is available in our spa center as of today. The treatment is available at a promotional price of 800 Kuna.

Retinoate-rich treatment

You are probably already familiar with the strong anti-aging effect of vitamin A (retinol), but also the skin irritation it often causes. Dermatologists used to prescribe it exclusively as a treatment against acne, and over time they noticed additional benefits – the increase of collagen production.

Unlike retinol, REVIDERM has created new molecules that cause the same benefits, but without side effects. These are aldehyde retinoates that stimulate the formation of connective tissue. The potency of these new molecules can be verified using retA serum. Of course, in order to maximize the effect, a retA treatment was created, consisting of the following steps:

  1.  Cleansing the face with a suitable cleanser (according to skin type)
  2. Enzymatic peeling with enzyme peeling liquid + enzyme peeling paste
  3. Reviderm microdermabrasion
  4. Reviderm ultrasound with patented Contoure lift formula
  5. Skin rejuvenation mask application
  6. Final care: retA + serum and retA cream
REVIDERM products that we use during retA treatment

retA serum & retA cream

REVIDERM serum is especially gentle on the skin around the eyes and you can apply it without fear of irritation. We recommend using this serum as part of a nightly facial routine. The main ingredients are retinoate and matribild, which regenerate connective tissue. It also contains vitamin B3 (niacinamide) which brightens dark spots and reduces redness. For intensive moisturizing of the skin, there is hyaluronic acid that will bring a dehydrated face back to life in a few moments. The serum does not contain fragrances or silicones.

Unlike the serum, retA cream can be used throughout the day. It is an ideal for sensitive skin and prevention of the first signs of aging and is enriched with vitamin C.

To enjoy the effect of the treatment and cosmetics for as long as possible, in the RE: CUPERA Wellness & Spa center you can buy retA serum and cream for 1 328 Kn and get a Skin rejuvenation mask as a gift, which we also use as an integral part of the treatment.

For all inquiries you can contact us via email: or fill out the form below to have our team contact us.

RetA tretman


Note: the discount is already included in the listed prices.