About the treatment

Immediately after the shower, you will notice the difference on your skin, as a result of Ultimate Scrub & Nourishing treatment. Your skin will be radiant, soft and nourished. 

The treatment starts with a peeling application which will remove the outermost skin layer. Removing the outermost skin layer, the later applied substances will penetrate the skin more effectively. Afterward, we are applying to peel of a frontal and backside of the legs and back, which enhance the blood flow and removes the dead skin cells. 

The layer lock is applied – the combination of gel, oils, cream or body butter. Using the cream, a hydrating effect is restored, while on the other hand, using the body butter gives you nourishing treatment to your skin. 

The treatment is 30 minutes long.  


Health benefits

  • Soft and smooth skin
  • Improved circulation
  • Hydrated skin
  • Radiant appeal


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