About the treatment

Aromatherapy Anti-Aging Facial treatment starts with facial cleaning and pilling. Afterward, we are applying facial massage with natural oils of Inca inchi and larch extract which stimulate collagen formation to deliver firm and tightened skin, whilst the anti-inflammatory properties of pomegranate and rosehip seed oil work on slowing down the effects of aging skin.

 Two types of masks are used – choose the first one depending on your physical needs, while the other one must be an Anti Aging mask.

 All products used in this treatment are part of Over Night Repair Mask line by Aromatherapy Associates and can be used as a night cream.

The treatment lasts for 80 minutes. 

 For a firm, plumped and more youthful-looking complexion


Health benefits

  • Tightened skin
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Hydrated skin

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