About the treatment

Essential Pedicure will start with a dry foot treatment while the soaking in a liquid is done at the end of the treatment. The treatment will start with dry foot treatment to evaluate the degree of excess dry skin accumulation.

Then, cuticle treatment and shaping are done. Afterward, we are applying the serum that nourishes nail and cuticles and helps in exfoliating dead skin cells.
The next stop is dry heel treatment with a new, single used file.

The heel skin is then exfoliated. Finally, the feet are getting soaked and we are applying nourishing oil or cream, regarding your physical needs.

All preparations used in this pedicure are a part of Margaret Dabbs Fabulous Feet line and the treatment lasts for 40 minutes.
It’s possible to add-on a nail polishing including organic Margaret Dabbs nail polish, CND Vinnie Lux permanent or CND Shellac nail polish.


Health benefits

  • Healthy skin
  • Shaped nails
  • Beautiful and decorated feet

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