About the treatment

An overall relaxing treatment that includes a stress-relieving massage and balancing facial.

The ultimate, all-inclusive cleansing and rejuvenating treatment includes cleanse and a stress relieving back/scalp massage, bringing relief to an overactive mind and tired or aching muscles. The treatment starts with a smell test, meaning you get to choose an oil that suites your needs. To prevent the autosuggestion effect, our therapists will not reveal the oil composition during the treatment

First step is to exfoliate the skin with the preferred oil, followed by back and scalp massage. Finally, the face is then cleansed with the finest essential oils that will hydrate, refresh and energize the skin.

During the whole treatment we use Aromatherapy Associates products that suit the needs of our clients.
Ultimate men’s face, back, neck & shoulders treatment lasts 80 minutes.


Health benefits

  • Pure skin
  • Relaxed back and shoulder muscles
  • Hydrated skin
  • Relaxing effect

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