About Seca mBCA 515

The contemporary device, abbreviated as SECA mBCA, has set standards in the world of body analysis. It is the only device for body analysis that has been designed for medical use

and validated against the Four Compartment Model – the gold standard for fat mass estimation. Apart from fat mass, the SECA device can measure the weight, muscle mass, body water percentage, BMI and basal metabolic rate. The results obtained by SECA mBCa are helpful when creating a workout program: whether to focus on a muscle mass, reduce excess body fat or water, what exercises to perform, etc.

SECA is the first step in a complete body makeover, which gives you a detailed insight into the progress of your transformation.

Consultations last up to 20 minutes and two hours before SECA mBCa analysis it is advised to abstain from eating.


Health benefits

  • Insights into the proportion of fat and muscle tissue in the body
  • Insight into the body’s water content
  • General health assessment
  • Creating a unique therapy plan for each client



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