Holistic approach to wellness

The journey starts with detailed consultations about your needs and preferences. Our experts will guide you through the process of finding the perfect balance for a healthier and better life.

Wellness and well-being is much more than physical strength, it is a mixture of different aspects of life, and our philosophy is set around 8 dimensions of it.

8 Dimensions of wellness

For a long and prosperous life it is necessary to nurture or practice 8 dimensions of health. Our philosophy is defined around those 8 dimensions and they are as follows: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, occupational, social and repetitional.

Žena i zalazak sunca Knjige Muškarac i žena trče na plaži Dimenzije wellnessa Ruke Žena i zalazak sunca


Physical wellness is what often comes to mind when we think about being healthy, and for good reason: the health of our bodies is critical for overall wellness. Broadly speaking, physical wellness involves implementing regular physical activity, maintaining a healthy diet, and rejuvenating our bodies through rest and sleep—all things that protect us from chronic diseases and improve our quality of life.

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When we feel emotionally balanced, we are aware of and able to manage our emotions and we have a realistic and mostly positive view of ourselves, others, and the circumstances in our lives. We also feel equipped to deal with the stressors that life throws our way.

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Although spiritual wellness can certainly be obtained through religious practice, spirituality is much broader and involves “learning how to be more forgiving, grateful, and compassionate, to be kinder and less judgmental.” Spiritual wellness is helping people in simple ways to feel more compassionate and kind. Not only does that make them feel better, but it improves their self-worth.

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Intellectual wellness involves a commitment to lifelong learning. We nurture our intellectual health when we engage in creative activities, learn new things, and expand our knowledge.

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Environmental dimension

Certainly, many of us have experienced the restorative feeling of spending time in the great outdoors. But what is it about nature that research shows can reduce our stress levels, improve our mood and concentration, and increase vitality.

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Occupational wellness involves the suitability of our work to our interests, skills, and values, and the fulfillment we gain from our professions. However, work does not only mean paid occupations—it also includes life roles (such as mother- or fatherhood), hobbies or volunteer work.

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Although many realities of our modern world—more screen time, longer work weeks, and crammed schedules—don’t always lend themselves well to socializing, increasing our time with others is one of the most accessible and inexpensive health strategies available to us.

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The 8th dimension, is extremely important in order for this approach to be effective and have a positive impact on your life. As we mentioned: “It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”

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Special treatments

Restore your energy with our special treatments and rituals.

Med Contour

Med Contour is PROVEN the best alternative to operational liposuction by the words of world-renowned doctors.

Med Visage

The innovative system that combines technique of ultrasound and radiofrequency, known as non-surgical face lifting. This treatment immediately improves texture, tone, and elasticity of the skin.

Pressotherapy – Lymphatic Drainage

Lymph drainage encourages faster excretion of harmful substances and excess fluids from the body.