Discover Turkish bath

The Turkish bath begins with a quick shower and the application of Moroccan black soap to the entire body, with the exception of the face. Black soap is a vegetable paste made from saponified olive oil, rich in vitamin E with the addition of eucalyptus essential oil. Thanks to its softening effect it helps prepare the skin for peeling with the Kassa glove leaving it extremely soft. In order for the nourishing ingredients to reach into deeper layers of the skin you will spend the next 15 minutes in a steam bath.

Gentle peeling with a Kassa glove takes about 20 minutes and is an essential step in preparing the skin for the unique experience that follows.
A Turkish bath wouldn’t be a complete experience without a bubbly full body massage! The process of obtaining foam is done with a special cotton bag that is dipped in soapy water in order to extract as many bubbles as possible. After we cover you with warm foam, a gentle massage of the whole body follows.

The last step of this Charme d’Orient sensory ritual is washing the body with warm water infused with the scented oil of your choice.

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